Helpful Hints

  1. Paper Charts (RNC & PDF)

    Geo-referenced images of the charts in BSB format
    Full-size, 400dpi downloadable, printable images of the charts
    NOAA ChartViewer [View]
    Display the charts within the web browser with zoom capability
    NOAA BookletChart [BC]
    Page-size (8.5 x 11) printable Booklet at a reduced scale of the original chart
    Notice to Mariners Chart Updates [NM]
    Access to the same information used to update navigational charts
    Print-on-Demand [POD]
    Provide up-to-date navigation information to mariners. These paper charts are updated on a weekly basis and include all of the latest critical chart corrections. Order POD charts from OceanGrafix or East View Geospatial.
  2. Electronic Charts (ENC)

    Vector (S57) format of the chart used in electronic charting systems
  3. Coast Pilot

    NOAA Coast Pilot [CP]
    Nautical publications that cover a variety of information important to navigate coastal and intra-coastal waters and the Great Lakes
  4. Background Maps

    • Google Map
    • Google Terrian Map
    • Google Satellite Map
  5. Search Functions

    Place Names
    Used to find specific named locations (ie. "Boston Harbor", "Monterey Bay", etc.)
    Used to find specific charts by chart number (ie. ?13218? or ?US2EC03M?)
    Used to move to a specific location within the map like 41N, 125W (ie. 41, -125)
  6. Auto Zoom Function

    When selected will automatically zoom to a level that contains the entire selected chart or publication.
  7. Quick Tips

    • Each tab shows the outlines of charts or publication that are available.
    • Changing the area of the map changes the charts that are displayed.
    • Zooming in will show you charts that cover a smaller area.
    • Clicking on the map will show all the charts that contain the location where you clicked.
    • Larger scale charts (for example 1:5,000) show more details than a smaller scale chart (for example 1:100,000) of the same area.
  8. Chart Legend

    Type of Chart Outline Color Scale Range Purpose
    Harbor Charts Red 1:1 to 1:50,000 For navigation and anchorage in harbors and small waterways
    Coastal Charts Purple 1:50,001 to 1:150,000 For coastal navigation inside the offshore reefs and shoals, entering bays and harbors
    General Charts Purple 1:150,001 to 1:600,000 For use when a vessel?s course is well offshore and between distant ports
    Sailing Charts Purple 1:600,001+ Plotting charts used for offshore sailing and between distant ports
    Small Craft Charts Green 1:1 to 1:80,000 Specially designed with small-craft information
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Available Product Information
    Geo-referenced charts in BSB format.
NOAA Paper Nautical Charts
NOAA Certified Chart Agents:
    Order Print-on-Demand(POD) charts NOAA BookletChart (BC):
    8.5" x 11" printable panels of the charts.
Notice to Mariner (NM):
    Weekly corrections to the RNCs.
Historical Map & Chart Collection
Vector files of chart features and available in S-57 format.

NOAA ENCs support marine navigation by providing the official Electronic Navigational Chart used in ECDIS and in electronic charting systems.

NOAA ENCs are updated weekly with Notice to Mariner corrections.

NOAA Coast Pilot (CP):
Nautical books that cover a variety of information important to navigators of coastal and intracoastal waters and the Great Lakes.
Issued in nine volumes, they contain supplemental information that is difficult to portray on a nautical chart.

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