11006875000Gulf Coast - Key West to Mississippi River
110091200000Cape Hatteras to Straits of Florida
110131200000Straits of Florida and Approaches
1113A470940Havana to Tampa Bay (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
1114A456394Tampa Bay to Cape San Blas (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
1115A456394Cape St. George to Mississippi Passes (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
1116A458596Mississippi River to Galveston (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
1117A460732Galveston to Rio Grande (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
11300460732Galveston to Rio Grande
1130180000Southern part of Laguna Madre
1130240000Intracoastal Waterway Stover Point to Port Brownsville, including Brazos Santiago Pass
1130340000Intracoastal Waterway Laguna Madre - Chubby Island to Stover Point, including The Arroyo Colorado
1130480000Northern part of Laguna Madre
1130640000Intracoastal Waterway Laguna Madre Middle Ground to Chubby Island
1130780000Aransas Pass to Baffin Bay
1130840000Intracoastal Waterway Redfish Bay to Middle Ground
1130940000Corpus Christi Bay
1131110000Corpus Christi Harbor
1131220000Corpus Christi Bay - Port Aransas to Port Ingleside
1131380000Matagorda Light to Aransas Pass
1131440000Intracoastal Waterway Carlos Bay to Redfish Bay, including Copano Bay
1131540000Intracoastal Waterway Espiritu Santo Bay to Carlos Bay including San Antonio Bay and Victoria Barge Canal
1131680000Matagorda Bay and approaches
1131750000Matagorda Bay including Lavaca and Tres Palacios Bays; Port Lavaca; Continuation of Lavaca River; Continuation of Tres Palacios Bay
1131940000Intracoastal Waterway Cedar Lakes to Espiritu Santo Bay
1132180000San Luis Pass to East Matagorda Bay
1132240000Intracoastal Waterway Galveston Bay to Cedar Lakes
1132380000Approaches to Galveston Bay
1132425000Galveston Bay Entrance Galveston and Texas City Harbors
1132510000Houston Ship Channel Carpenters Bayou to Houston
1132680000Galveston Bay
1132725000Upper Galveston Bay-Houston Ship Channel-Dollar Pt. to Atkinson
1132810000Houston Ship Channel Atkinson Island to Alexander Island
1132925000Houston Ship Channel Alexander Island to Carpenters Bayou;San Jacinto and Old Rivers
11330250000Mermentau River to Freeport
1133140000Intracoastal Waterway Ellender to Galveston Bay
1133280000Sabine Bank
1133950000Calcasieu River and Approaches
11340458596Mississippi River to Galveston
1134180000Calcasieu Pass to Sabine Pass
1134240000Sabine Pass and Lake
1134340000Sabine and Neches Rivers
1134480000Rollover Bayou to Calcasieu Pass
11345175000Intracoastal Waterway New Orleans to Calcasieu River West Section
1134620000Port Fourchon and Approaches
1134750000Calcasieu River and Lake
1134840000Intracoastal Waterway Forked Island to Ellender, including the Mermantau River, Grand Lake and White Lake
1134980000Vermilion Bay and approaches
1135040000Intracoastal Waterway Wax Lake Outlet to Forked Island including Bayou Teche, Vermilion River, and Freshwater Bayou
1135180000Point au Fer to Marsh Island
11352175000Intracoastal Waterway New Orleans to Calcasieu River East Section
1135340000Baptiste Collette Bayou to Mississippi River Gulf Outlet;Baptiste Collette Bayou Extension
1135480000Intracoastal Waterway Morgan City to Port Allen, including the Atchafalaya River
1135540000Intracoastal Waterway Catahoula Bay to Wax Lake Outlet including the Houma Navigation canal
1135680000Isles Dernieres to Point au Fer
1135780000Timbalier and Terrebonne Bays
1135880000Barataria Bay and approaches
1135950000Loop Deepwater Port Louisiana Offshore Oil Port
11360456394Cape St. George to Mississippi Passes
1136180000Mississippi River Delta;Southwest Pass;South Pass;Head of Passes
1136380000Chandeleur and Breton Sounds
1136480000Mississippi River-Venice to New Orleans
1136550000Barataria and Bayou Lafourche Waterways Intracoastal Waterway to Gulf of Mexico
11366250000Approaches to Mississippi River
1136740000Intracoastal Waterway Waveland to Catahoula Bay
1136815000New Orleans Harbor Chalmette Slip to Southport
1136980000Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas
1137040000Mississippi River-New Orleans to Baton Rouge
1137180000Lake Borgne and approaches Cat Island to Point aux Herbes
1137240000Intracoastal Waterway Dog Keys Pass to Waveland
1137380000Mississippi Sound and approaches Dauphin Island to Cat Island
1137440000Intracoastal Waterway Dauphin Island to Dog Keys Pass
1137520000Pascagoula Harbor
1137680000Mobile Bay Mobile Ship Channel-Northern End
1137740000Mobile Bay Approaches and Lower Half
1137840000Intracoastal Waterway Santa Rosa Sound to Dauphin Island
1138020000Mobile Bay East Fowl River to Deer River Pt; Mobile Middle Bay Terminal
1138280000Pensacola Bay and approaches
1138330000Pensacola Bay
1138410000Pensacola Bay Entrance
1138540000Intracoastal Waterway West Bay to Santa Rosa Sound
1138880000Choctawhatchee Bay
1138980000St Joseph and St Andrew Bays
1139040000Intracoastal Waterway East Bay to West Bay
1139125000St. Andrew Bay
113925000St. Andrew Bay - Bear Point to Sulpher Point
1139340000Intracoastal Waterway Lake Wimico to East Bay
11400456394Tampa Bay to Cape San Blas
1140180000Apalachicola Bay to Cape San Blas
1140240000Intracoastal Waterway Apalachicola Bay to Lake Wimico
1140440000Intracoastal Waterway Carrabelle to Apalachicola Bay;Carrabelle River
1140580000Apalachee Bay
1140615000St.Marks River and approaches
1140780000Horseshoe Point to Rock Islands;Horseshoe Beach
1140880000Crystal River to Horseshoe Point;Suwannee River;Cedar Keys
1140980000Anclote Keys to Crystal River
1141140000Intracoastal Waterway Tampa Bay to Port Richey
1141280000Tampa Bay and St. Joseph Sound
1141540000Tampa Bay Entrance; Manatee River Extension
1141640000Tampa Bay;Safety Harbor;St. Petersburg;Tampa
11420470940Havana to Tampa Bay
1142480000Lemon Bay to Passage Key Inlet
1142540000Intracoastal Waterway Charlotte Harbor to Tampa Bay
1142680000Estero Bay to Lemon Bay, including Charlotte Harbor;Continuation of Peace River
1142740000Intracoastal Waterway Fort Myers to Charlotte Harbor and Wiggins Pass
1142840000Okeechobee Waterway St. Lucie Inlet to Fort Myers; Lake Okeechobee
1142980000Chatham River to Clam Pass;Naples Bay;Everglades Harbor
1143040000Lostmans River to Wiggins Pass
1143180000East Cape to Mormon Key
1143250000Everglades National Park Shark River to Lostmans River
1143350000Everglades National Park Whitewater Bay
11434180000Florida Keys Sombrero Key to Dry Tortugas
1143830000Dry Tortugas;Tortugas Harbor
1143980000Sand Key to Rebecca Shoal
1144130000Key West Harbor and Approaches
1144280000Florida Keys Sombrero Key to Sand Key
1144540000Intracoastal Waterway Bahia Honda Key to Sugarloaf Key
1144640000Intracoastal Waterway Sugarloaf Key To Key West
1144710000Key West Harbor
1144840000Intracoastal Waterway Big Spanish Channel to Johnston Key
1144940000Intracoastal Waterway Matecumbe to Grassy Key
11450180000Fowey Rocks to American Shoal
1145180000Miami to Marathon and Florida Bay
1145280000Intracoastal Waterway Alligator Reef to Sombrero Key
1145340000Florida Keys Grassy Key to Bahia Honda Key
1145940000Port of Palm Beach and Approaches
11460466940Cape Canaveral to Key West
1146280000Fowey Rocks to Alligator Reef
1146340000Intracoastal Waterway Sands Key to Blackwater Sound
1146440000Intracoastal Waterway Blackwater Sound To Matecumbe
1146540000Intracoastal Waterway Miami to Elliot Key
1146680000Jupiter Inlet to Fowey Rocks;Lake Worth Inlet
1146740000Intracoastal Waterway West Palm Beach to Miami
1146812000Miami Harbor
11469100000Straits of Florida Fowey Rocks, Hillsboro Inlet to Bimini Islands, Bahamas
1147010000Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades
1147240000Intracoastal Waterway Palm Shores to West Palm Beach;Loxahatchee River
1147480000Bethel Shoal to Jupiter Inlet
1147510000Fort Pierce Harbor
1147680000Cape Canaveral to Bethel Shoal
1147810000Port Canaveral;Canaveral Barge Canal Extension
11480449659Charleston Light to Cape Canaveral
1148125000Approaches to Port Canaveral
1148480000Ponce de Leon Inlet to Cape Canaveral
1148540000Intracoastal Waterway Tolomato River to Palm Shores
1148680000St. Augustine Light to Ponce de Leon Inlet
1148740000St. Johns River Racy Point to Crescent Lake
1148880000Amelia Island to St. Augustine
1148940000Intracoastal Waterway St. Simons Sound to Tolomato River
1149040000Approaches to St. Johns River;St. Johns River Entrance
1149120000St. Johns River-Atlantic Ocean to Jacksonville
1149240000St. John's River Jacksonville to Racy Point
1149540000St. Johns River Dunns Creek to Lake Dexter
1149840000St. Johns River Lake Dexter to Lake Harney
1150280000Doboy Sound to Fernadina
1150325000St. Marys Entrance Cumberland Sound and Kings Bay
1150440000St. Andrew Sound and Satilla River
1150540000Savannah River Approach
1150640000St. Simons Sound, Brunswick Harbor and Turtle River
1150740000Intracoastal Waterway Beaufort River to St. Simons Sound
1150840000Altamaha Sound
1150980000Tybee Island to Doboy Sound
1151040000Sapelo and Doboy Sounds
1151140000Ossabaw and St. Catherines Sounds
1151240000Savannah River and Wassaw Sound
1151380000St. Helena Sound to Savannah River
1151420000Savannah River Savannah to Brier Creek
1151520000Savannah River Brier Creek to Augusta
1151640000Port Royal Sound and Inland Passages
1151740000St. Helena Sound
1151840000Intracoastal Waterway Casino Creek to Beaufort River
1151940000Parts of Coosaw and Broad Rivers
11520432720Cape Hatteras to Charleston
1152180000Charleston Harbor and Approaches
1152240000Stono and North Edisto Rivers
1152420000Charleston Harbor
1152620000Wando River Upper Part
1152720000Cooper River Above Goose Creek
1152840000Charleston Harbor Entrance and Approach
1153180000Winyah Bay to Bulls Bay
1153240000Winyah Bay
1153440000Intracoastal Waterway Myrtle Grove Sound and Cape Fear River to Casino Creek
1153580000Little River lnlet to Winyah Bay Entrance
1153680000Approaches to Cape Fear River
1153740000Cape Fear River Cape Fear to Wilmington
1153980000New River Inlet to Cape Fear
1154140000Intracoastal Waterway Neuse River to Myrtle Grove Sound
1154240000New River;Jacksonville
1154380000Cape Lookout to New River
1154480000Portsmouth Island to Beaufort, Including Cape Lookout Shoals
1154540000Beaufort Inlet and Part of Core Sound;Lookout Bight
1154715000Morehead City Harbor
1154880000Pamlico Sound Western Part
1155040000Ocracoke lnlet and Part of Core Sound
1155240000Neuse River and Upper Part of Bay River
1155340000Intracoastal Waterway Albermarle Sound to Neuse River;Alligator River;Second Creek
1155440000Pamlico River
1155580000Cape Hatteras-Wimble Shoals to Ocracoke Inlet
12200419706Cape May to Cape Hatteras
1220480000Currituck Beach Light to Wimble Shoals
1220580000Cape Henry to Pamlico Sound, Including Albemarle Sd.; Rudee Heights
1220640000Intracoastal Waterway Norfolk to Albemarle Sound via North Landing River or Great Dismal Swamp Canal
1220780000Cape Henry to Currituck Beach Light
1220850000Approaches to Chesapeake Bay
1221080000Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipongo Inlet;Chincoteague Inlet
1221180000Fenwick Island to Chincoteague Inlet;Ocean City Inlet
1221480000Cape May to Fenwick Island
1221640000Cape Henlopen to Indian River Inlet;Breakwater Harbor
1222180000Chesapeake Bay Entrance
1222240000Chesapeake Bay Cape Charles to Norfolk Harbor
1222440000Chesapeake Bay Cape Charles to Wolf Trap
1222580000Chesapeake Bay Wolf Trap to Smith Point
1222640000Chesapeake Bay Wolf Trap to Pungoteague Creek
1222840000Chesapeake Bay Pocomoke and Tangier Sounds
1223080000Chesapeake Bay Smith Point to Cove Point
1223140000Chesapeake Bay Tangier Sound Northern Part
1223340000Potomac River Chesapeake Bay to Piney Point
1223540000Chesapeake Bay Rappahannock River Entrance, Piankatank and Great Wicomico Rivers
1223740000Rappahannock River Corrotoman River to Fredericksburg
1223840000Chesapeake Bay Mobjack Bay and York River Entrance
1224120000York River Yorktown and Vicinity
1224340000York River Yorktown to West Point
1224440000Pamunkey And Mattaponi Rivers
1224520000Hampton Roads
1224840000James River Newport News to Jamestown Island; Back River and College Creek
1225140000James River Jamestown Island to Jordan Point
1225220000James River Jordan Point to Richmond
1225320000Norfolk Harbor and Elizabeth River
1225420000Chesapeake Bay Cape Henry to Thimble Shoal Light
122555000Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base
1225620000Chesapeake Bay Thimble Shoal Channel
1226140000Chesapeake Bay Honga, Nanticoke, Wicomico Rivers and Fishing Bay
1226380000Chesapeake Bay Cove Point to Sandy Point
1226440000Chesapeake Bay Patuxent River and Vicinity
1226640000Chesapeake Bay Choptank River and Herring Bay; Cambridge
1226840000Choptank River Cambridge to Greensboro
1227040000Chesapeake Bay Eastern Bay and South River; Selby Bay
1227240000Chester River; Kent Island Narrows, Rock Hall Harbor and Swan Creek
1227380000Chesapeake Bay Sandy Point to Susquehanna River
1227440000Head of Chesapeake Bay
1227720000Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
1227840000Chesapeake Bay Approaches to Baltimore Harbor
12280200000Chesapeake Bay
1228115000Baltimore Harbor
1228225000Chesapeake Bay Severn and Magothy Rivers
1228310000Annapolis Harbor
1228410000Patuxent River Solomons lsland and Vicinity
1228580000Potomac River; District of Columbia
1228640000Potomac River Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point
1228720000Potomac River Dahlgren and Vicinity
1228840000Potomac River Lower Cedar Point to Mattawoman Creek
1228940000Potomac River Mattawoman Creek to Georgetown;Washington Harbor
12300400000Approaches to New York, Nantucket Shoals to Five Fathom Bank
1230480000Delaware Bay
1231140000Delaware River Smyrna River to Wilmington
1231240000Delaware River Wilmington to Philadelphia
1231315000Philadelphia and Camden Waterfronts
1231420000Delaware River Philadelphia to Trenton
1231640000Intracoastal Waterway Little Egg Harbor to Cape May;Atlantic City
1231710000Cape May Harbor
1231880000Little Egg Inlet to Hereford Inlet;Absecon Inlet
1232380000Sea Girt to Little Egg Inlet
1232440000Intracoastal Waterway Sandy Hook to Little Egg Harbor
1232515000Navesink And Shrewsbury Rivers
1232680000Approaches to New York Fire lsland Light to Sea Girt
1232740000New York Harbor
1233115000Raritan Bay and Southern Part of Arthur Kill
1233220000Raritan River Raritan Bay to New Brunswick
1233315000Kill Van Kull and Northern Part of Arthur Kill
1233410000New York Harbor Upper Bay and Narrows-Anchorage Chart
1233510000Hudson and East Rivers Governors Island to 67th Street
1233720000Passaic and Hackensack Rivers
123385000East River Newtown Creek
1233910000East River Tallman Island to Queensboro Bridge
1234110000Hudson River Days Point to George Washington Bridge
1234210000Harlem River
1234340000Hudson River New York to Wappinger Creek
1234510000Hudson River George Washington Bridge to Yonkers
1234610000Hudson River Yonkers to Piermont
1234740000Hudson River Wappinger Creek to Hudson
1234840000Hudson River Coxsackie to Troy
1235020000Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Inlet
1235240000Shinnecock Bay to East Rockaway Inlet
1235380000Shinnecock Light to Fire Island Light
1235480000Long Island Sound Eastern part
1235840000New York Long Island, Shelter Island Sound and Peconic Bays;Mattituck Inlet
1236210000Port Jefferson and Mount Sinai Harbors
1236380000Long Island Sound Western Part
1236440000Long Island Sound-New Haven Harbor Entrance and Port Jefferson to Throgs Neck
1236520000South Shore of Long Island Sound Oyster and Huntington Bays
1236620000Long Island Sound and East River Hempstead Harbor to Tallman Island
1236720000North Shore of Long Island Sound Greenwich Point to New Rochelle
1236820000North Shore of Long Island Sound Sherwood Point to Stamford Harbor
1236920000North Shore of Long Island Sound Stratford to Sherwood Point
1237020000North Shore of Long Island Sound Housatonic River and Milford Harbor
1237120000New Haven Harbor;New Haven Harbor (Inset)
1237240000Long Island Sound-Watch Hill to New Haven Harbor
1237320000North Shore of Long Island Sound Guilford Harbor to Farm River
1237420000North Shore of Long Island Sound Duck Island to Madison Reef
1237520000Connecticut River Long lsland Sound to Deep River
1237720000Connecticut River Deep River to Bodkin Rock
1237820000Connecticut River Bodkin Rock to Hartford
1240115000New York Lower Bay Southern part
1240215000New York Lower Bay Northern part
130031200000Cape Sable to Cape Hatteras
13006675000West Quoddy Head to New York
13009500000Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
13200400000Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals
13203220000Georges Bank Western part
13204220000Georges Bank Eastern part
1320580000Block Island Sound and Approaches
1320940000Block Island Sound and Gardiners Bay; Montauk Harbor
1321120000North Shore of Long Island Sound Niantic Bay and Vicinity
1321220000Approaches to New London Harbor
1321310000New London Harbor and vicinity;Bailey Point to Smith Cove
1321420000Fishers Island Sound
1321540000Block Island Sound Point Judith to Montauk Point
1321715000Block Island
1321880000Marthas Vineyard to Block Island
1321915000Point Judith Harbor
1322140000Narragansett Bay
1322320000Narragansett Bay, Including Newport Harbor
1322420000Providence River and Head of Narragansett Bay
1322510000Providence Harbor
1322620000Mount Hope Bay
1322710000Fall River Harbor;State Pier
1322820000Westport River and Approaches
1322940000South Coast of Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay
1323040000Buzzards Bay; Quicks Hole
1323220000New Bedford Harbor and Approaches
1323340000Martha's Vineyard;Menemsha Pond
132355000Woods Hole
1323620000Cape Cod Canal and Approaches
1323780000Nantucket Sound and Approaches
1323820000Martha's Vineyard Eastern Part;Oak Bluffs Harbor;Vineyard Haven Harbor;Edgartown Harbor
1324140000Nantucket Island
1324210000Nantucket Harbor
1324440000Eastern Entrance to Nantucket Sound
1324680000Cape Cod Bay
1324820000Chatham Harbor and Pleasant Bay
1324920000Provincetown Harbor
1325040000Wellfleet Harbor; Sesuit Harbor
1325120000Barnstable Harbor
1325320000Harbors of Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury; Green Harbor
13260378838Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod
1326780000Massachusetts Bay; North River
1326910000Cohasset and Scituate Harbors
1327025000Boston Harbor
1327210000Boston Inner Harbor
1327440000Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor; Merrimack River Extension
1327525000Salem and Lynn Harbors; Manchester Harbor
1327610000Salem, Marblehead and Beverly Harbors
1327880000Portsmouth to Cape Ann; Hampton Harbor
1327920000Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor; Rockport Harbor
1328110000Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River
1328220000Newburyport Harbor and Plum Island Sound
1328320000Portsmouth Harbor Cape Neddick Harbor to Isles of Shoals; Portsmouth Harbor
1328520000Portsmouth to Dover and Exeter
1328680000Cape Elizabeth to Portsmouth; Cape Porpoise Harbor; Wells Harbor; Kennebunk River; Perkins Cove
1328720000Saco Bay and Vicinity
1328880000Monhegan Island to Cape Elizabeth
1329040000Casco Bay
1329220000Portland Harbor and Vicinity
1329340000Damariscotta, Sheepscot and Kennebec Rivers;South Bristol Harbor;Christmas Cove
1329515000Kennebec and Sheepscot River Entrances
1329615000Boothbay Harbor to Bath, Including Kennebec River
1329715000Kennebec River Courthouse Point to Augusta
1329815000Kennebec River Bath to Courthouse Point
1330140000Muscongus Bay;New Harbor;Thomaston
1330280000Penobscot Bay and Approaches
1330340000Approaches to Penobscot Bay
1330540000Penobscot Bay;Carvers Harbor and Approaches
1330720000Camden, Rockport and Rockland Harbors
1330815000Fox Islands Thorofare
1330940000Penobscot River;Belfast Harbor
1331280000Frenchman and Blue Hill Bays and Approaches
1331340000Approaches to Blue Hill Bay
1331520000Deer Island Thorofare and Casco Passage
1331640000Blue Hill Bay;Blue Hill Harbor
1331840000Frenchman Bay and Mount Desert lsland
1332110000Southwest Harbor and Approaches
1332210000Winter Harbor
1332310000Bar Harbor Mount Desert Island
1332440000Tibbett Narrows to Schoodic Island
1332580000Quoddy Narrows to Petit Manan lsland
1332640000Machias Bay to Tibbett Narrows
1339250000Grand Manan Channel Southern Part
1339450000Grand Manan Channel Northern Part; North Head and Flagg Cove
1339620000Campobello Island; Eastport Harbor
1339850000Passamaquoddy Bay and St. Croix River; Beaver Harbor; Saint Andrews; Todds Point
145001500000Great Lakes, Lake Champlain to Lake of the Woods
1477015000Morristown, N.Y. to Butternut, Ont.
1477115000Butternut Bay, Ont., to Ironsides l., N.Y.
1477215000Ironsides l., N.Y., to Bingham l., Ont.
1477315000Gananoque, Ont., to St. Lawrence Park. N.Y.
1477415000Round I., N.Y., and Gananoque, Ont., to Wolfe I., Ont.
1478140000Riviere Richelieu to South Hero Island
1478240000Cumberland Head to Four Brothers Islands
1478340000Four Brothers Islands to Barber Point
1478440000Barber Point to Whitehall
1478510000Burlington Harbor
14786VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART New York State Canal System (book of 61 Charts)
1478840000Oneida Lake - Lock 22 to Lock 23
1479160000Cayuga and Seneca Lakes;Watkins Glen;Ithaca
14800400000Lake Ontario
1480280000Clayton to False Ducks ls.
1480380000Six Miles south of Stony Point to Port Bay;North Pond;Little Sodus Bay
1480480000Port Bay to Long Pond;Port Bay Harbor;Irondequoit Bay
1480580000Long Pond to Thirtymile Point;Point Breeze Harbor
1480680000Thirtymile Point, N.Y., to Port Dalhousie, Ont.
14810100000Olcott Harbor to Toronto; Olcott and Wilson Harbors
1481130000Chaumont, Henderson and Black River Bays;Sackets Harbor;Henderson Harbor;Chaumont Harbor
1481310000Oswego Harbor
1481410000Sodus Bay
1481510000Rochester Harbor, including Genessee River to head of navigation
1481630000Lower Niagara River
14820400000Lake Erie
1482280000Approaches to Niagara River and Welland Canal
1482380000Sturgeon Point to Twentymile Creek;Dunkirk Harbor;Barcelona Harbor
1482480000Sixteenmile Creek to Conneaut;Conneaut Harbor
1482580000Ashtabula to Chagrin River;Mentor Harbor;Chagrin River
1482680000Moss Point to Vermilion;Beaver Creek;Vermilion Harbor;Rocky River
14828100000Erie to Geneva
14829100000Geneva to Lorain; Beaver Creek; Rocky River; Mentor Harbor; Chagrin River
14830100000West End of Lake Erie; Port Clinton Harbor; Monroe Harbor; Lorain to Detriot River; Vermilion
1483230000Niagara Falls to Buffalo
1483315000Buffalo Harbor
1483515000Erie Harbor
148365000Ashtabula Harbor
148378000Fairport Harbor
14838120000Buffalo to Erie;Dunkirk;Barcelone Harbor
1483910000Cleveland Harbor, including lower Cuyahoga River
1484110000Lorain Harbor
14842VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Port Clinton to Sandusky, including the Islands (book of 35 charts)
148435000Huron Harbor
1484440000Islands in Lake Erie;Put-In-Bay
1484510000Sandusky Harbor
14846VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - West End of Lake Erie from Perrysburg, OH., of the Maumee R. to Huron R., Mich., and Bar Pt., Ont. (book of 34 charts)
1484720000Toledo Harbor;Entrance Channel to Harbor
1484830000Detroit River
1485060000Lake St. Clair
1485240000St. Clair River;Head of St. Clair River
14853VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Detoit River, Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River (book of 47 charts)
1485415000Trenton Channel and River Rouge;River Rouge
14860500000Lake Huron
14862120000Port Huron to Pte aux Barques;Port Sanilac;Harbor Beach
14863120000Saginaw Bay;Port Austin Harbor;Caseville Harbor;Entrance to Au Sable River;Sebewaing Harbor;Tawas Harbor
14864120000Harrisville to Forty Mile Point;Harrisville Harbor;Alpena;Rogers City and Calcite
1486515000South End of Lake Huron
1486720000Saginaw River
1486960000Thunder Bay Island to Presque Isle;Stoneport Harbor;Resque Isle Harbor
14880120000Straits of Mackinac
1488180000Detour Passage to Waugoshance Pt.;Hammond Bay Harbor;Mackinac Island;Cheboygan;Mackinaw City;St. lgnace
1488240000St. Mars River - Detour Passage to Munuscong Lake;Detour Passage
1488340000St. Marys River - Munuscong Lake to Sault Ste. Marie
1488440000St. Marys River - Head of Lake Nicolet to Whitefish Bay;Sault Ste. Marie
1488520000Les Cheneaux Islands
14886VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Inland Route, Cheboygan to Conway (book of 12 Charts)
1488720000St Marys River - Neebish Island
14901500000Lake Michigan (Mercator Projection)
14902240000North end of Lake Michigan, including Green Bay
14903120000Algoma to Sheboygan;Kewaunee;Two Rivers
14904120000Port Washington to Waukegan;Kenosha;North Point Marina;Port Washington;Waukegan
14905120000Waukegan to South Haven;Michigan City;Burns International Harbor;New Buffalo
14906120000South Haven to Stony Lake;South Haven;Port Sheldon;Saugatuck Harbor
14907120000Stony Lake to Point Betsie;Pentwater;Arcadia;Frankfort
1490880000Dutch Johns Point to Fishery Point, including Big Bay de Noc and Little Bay de Noc;Manistique
1490980000Upper Green Bay - Jackson Harbor and Detroit Harbor;Detroit Harbor;Jackson Harbor;Baileys Harbor
1491080000Lower Green Bay;Oconto Harbor;Algoma
1491180000Waugoshance Point to Seul Choix Point, including Beaver Island Group;Port Inland;Beaver Harbor
1491280000Platte Bay to Leland;Leland;South Manitou Harbor
1491380000Grand Traverse Bay to Little Traverse Bay;Harobr Springs;Petoskey;Elk Rapids;Suttons Bay;Northport;Traverse City
1491530000Little Bay de Noc
14916VariousSMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Lake Winnebago and Lower Fox River (book of 34 charts)
1491715000Menominee and Marinette Harbors
1491825000Head of Green Bay, including Fox River below De Pere;Green Bay
1491930000Sturgeon Bay and Canal;Sturgeon Bay
1492210000Manitowoc and Sheboygan
1492410000Milwaukee Harbor
1492510000Racine Harbor
1492680000SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Chicago and South Shore of Lake Michigan (book of 30 charts)
1492760000Chicago Lake Front;Gary Harbor
1492815000Chicago Harbor
1492915000Calumet, Indiana and Buffington Harbors, and Lake Calumet
1493010000St. Joseph and Benton Harbor
1493115000Grand River From Dermo Bayou To Bass River
1493215000Holland Harbor
1493315000Grand Haven, including Spring Lake and Lower Grand River
1493415000Muskegon Lake and Muskegon Harbor
1493510000White Lake
149375000Ludington Harbor
1493810000Manistee Harbor and Manistee Lake
1493910000Portage Lake
1494230000Lake Charlevoix;Charlevoix, South Point to Round Lake
14961600000Lake Superior (Mercator Projection)
14962120000St. Marys River to Au Sable Point;Whitefish Point;Little Lake Harbors;Grand Marais Harbor
14963120000Grand Marais to Big Bay Point;Big Bay Harbor
14964120000Big Bay Point to Redridge;Grand Traverse Bay Harbor;Lac La Belle harbor;Copper and Eagle Harbors
14965120000Redridge to Saxon Harbor;Ontonagon harbor;Black River Harbor;Saxon Harbor
14966120000Little Girls Point to Silver Bay, including Duluth and Apostle Islands;Cornucopia Harbor;Port Wing Harbor;Knife River Harbor;Two Harbors
14967120000Beaver Bay to Pigeon Point;Silver Bay Harbor;Taconite Harbor;Grand Marais Harbor
14968120000Grand Portage Bay, Minn. to Shesbeeb Point, Ont.
1496930000Munising Harbor and Approaches;Munising Harbor
1497015000Marquette and Presque Isle Harbors
1497130000Keweenaw Bay;L'Anse and Baraga Harbors
1497230000Keweenaw Waterway, including Torch Lake;Hancock and Houghton
1497360000Apostle Islands, including Chequamegan Bay;Bayfield Harbor;Pikes Bay Harbor;La Pointe Harbor
1497415000Ashland and Washburn harbors
1497515000Duluth-Superior Harbor;Upper St. Louis River
1497640000Isle Royale
1498242240North Lake
1498342240Northern Light Lake
1498442240Sea Gull Lake
1498542240Saganaga Lake
1498642240Knife Lake
1498742240Basswood Lake, Eastern Part
1498842240Basswood Lake, Western Part
1498942240Crooked Lake
1499010000Basswood River
1499142240Lac la Croix
1499242240Sand Point Lake to Lac la Croix, including Crane Lake and Little Vermilon Lake
1499342240Namakan Lake, Eastern Part
1499442240Namakan Lake, Western Part and Kabetogama Lake, Eastern Part
1499542240Western Kabetogama Lake
1499625000Rainy Lake-Big Island, Minn., to Oakpoint Island, Ont.;Kettle Falls
1499725000Rainy Lake-Dryweed Island, to Big Island
1499825000Rainy Lake-International Falls to Dryweed Island
160031587870Arctic Coast
16004700000Point Barrow to Herschel Island
16005700000Cape Prince of Wales to Pt. Barrow
160061534076Bering Sea-eastern part;St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea;Cape Etolin, Achorage, Nunivak Island
160111023188Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam Pass
160121126321Aleutian Islands Amukta Island to Attu Island
16013969761Cape St. Elias to Shumagin Islands;Semidi Islands
16016969756Dixon Entrance to Cape St. Elias
1604151639Demarcation Bay and approaches
1604251024Griffin Pt. and approaches
1604350819Barter Island and approaches;Bernard Harbor
1604450819Camden Bay and Approaches
1604550615Bullen Pt. to Brownlow Pt.
1604650204McClure and Stockton Islands and vicinity
1606150000Prudhoe Bay and vicinity
1606249794Jones Islands and approaches
1606349590Harrison Bay-eastern part
1606449794Harrison Bay-western part
1606549177Cape Halkett and vicinity
1606648973Pitt Pt. and vicinity
1606748767Approaches to Smith Bay
1608148149Scott Pt. to Tangent Pt.
1608247943Pt. Barrow and vicinity
1608350000Skull Cliff and vicinity
1608450000Peard Bay and approaches
1608550000Wainwright Inlet to Atainik
1608650000Nakotlek Pt. to Wainwright
1608750000Icy Cape to Nokotlek Pt.
1608850000Utukok Pass to Blossom Shoals
1610150000Pt. Lay and approaches
1610250000Kuchiak River to Kukpowruk Pass
1610350000Cape Beaufort
1610450000Cape Sabine
1612150000East of Cape Lisburne
1612250000Cape Dyer to Cape Lisburge
1612350000Point Hope to Cape Dyer
1612450000Cape Thompson to Point Hope
1614540000Alaska - West Coast. Delong Mountain Terminal
1616150000Kotzebue Harbor and Approaches
16190100000Bering Strait North;Little Diomede Island
16200400000Norton Sound;Golovnin Bay
16204100000Port Clarence and approaches
1620620000Nome Hbr. and approaches, Norton Sound;Nome Harbor
16220315350Bering Sea St. Lawrence Island to Bering Strait
16240300000Cape Ramonzof to St. Michael;St. Michael Bay;Approaches to Cape Ramanzof
16300200000Kuskokwim Bay;Goodnews Bay
16304100000Kuskokwim Bay to Bethel
16305100000Bristol Bay-Cape Newenham and Hagemeister Strait
16315100000Bristol Bay-Togiak Bay and Walrus Islands
16322100000Bristol Bay-Nushagak B and approaches
16323100000Bristol Bay-Kvichak Bay and approaches
16338100000Bristol Bay-Ugashik Bay to Egegik Bay
1634380000Port Heiden
1636380000Port Moller and Herendeen Bay
16380200000Pribilof Islands
1638150000St. George Island, Pribilof Islands
1638250000St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands
16420300000Near Islands Buldir Island to Attu Island
16421160000Ingenstrem Rocks to Attu Island
16423100000Shemya Island to Attu Island
1643040000Attu Island Theodore Pt. to Cape Wrangell
1643120000Temnac Bay
1643225000Massacre Bay
1643320000Sarana Bay to Holtz Bay;Chichagof Harbor
1643440000Agattu Island
1643520000Semichi Islands Alaid and Nizki Islands
1643620000Shemya Island;Alcan Harbor;Skoot Cove
16440300000Rat Islands Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir l.
1644180000Kiska Island and approaches
1644220000Kiska Harbor and Approaches
1644610000Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island
16450100000Amchitka Island and Approaches
16460300000Igitkin ls. to Semisopochnoi Island
1646250000Andrenof. Islands Tanga Bay and approaches
1646350000Kanaga Pass and approaches
16465100000Tanaga Island to Unalga Island
16467100000Adak Island to Tanaga Island
16471120000Atka Pass to Adak Strait;Three Arm Bay, Adak Island;Kanaga Bay, Kanaga Island;Chapel Roads and Chapel Cove, Adak Island
1647412000Bay of Islands;Aranne Channel;Hell Gate
1647530000Kuluk Bay and approaches, including Little Tanaga and Kagalaska Strs.
1647610000Sweeper Cove, Finger and Scabbard Bays
1647730000Tagalak Island to Little Tanaga l.
1647830000Tagalak Island to Great Sitkin Island;Sand Bay-Northeast Cove
16480300000Amkta Island to Igitkin Island;Finch Cove Seguam Island;Sviechnikof Harbor, Amilia Island
1648430000Atka Island to Chugul Island Atka Island
1648640000Atka Island, western part
1648740000Korovin Bay to Wall Bay-Atka Island;Martin Harbor
1649020000Nazan Bay and Amilia Pass
16500300000Unalaska l. to Amukta l.
1650180000Islands of Four Mountains
1651140000Inanudak Bay and Nikolski Bay, Umnak l.;River and Mueller Coves
1651340000Unalaska Island Umnak Pass and approaches
1651440000Kulikak Bay and Surveyor Bay
1651540000Chernofski Harbor to Skan Bay
1651610000Chernofski Harbor
1651740000Makushin Bay
1651840000Cape Kavrizhka to Cape Cheerful
16520300000Unimak and Akutan Passes and approaches;Amak Island
1652140000Unalaska Island Protection Bay to Eagle Bay
1652240000Beaver Inlet
1652840000Unalaska Bay and Akutan Pass
1652910000Dutch Harbor
1653010000Captains Bay
1653180000Krenitzan Islands
1653220000Akutan Bay, Krenitzin Islands
1653580660Morzhovoi Bay and Isanotski Strait
16540300000Shumagin Islands to Sanak Islands;Mist Harbor
1654781326Sanak Island and Sandman Reefs;Northeast Harbor;Peterson and Salmon Bays;Sanak Harbor
1654980000Cold Bay and approaches, Alaska Pen.;King Cove Harbor
1655180000Unga Island to Pavlof Bay, Alaska Pen.
1655380000Shumagin Islands-Nagai I. to Unga I.;Delarof Harbor;Popof Strait, northern part
1655680000Chiachi Island to Nagai Island;Chiachi Islands Anchorage
1656180000Mitrofania Bay And Kuiukta Bay
1656677477Chignik and Kujulik Bays, Alaska Pen.;Anchorage and Mud Bays, Chignik Bay
16568106600Wide Bay to Cape Kumlik, Alaska Pen.
1657050000Portage and Wide Bays, Alaska Pen.
1657580000Dakavak Bay to Cape Unalishagvak;Alinchak Bay
1657680000Shelikof Strait-Cape Nukshak to Dakavak Bay
16580350000Kodiak Island;Southwest Anchorage, Chirikof Island
16587135000Semidi Islands and Vicinity
1659081529Kodiak Island Sitkinak Strait and Alitak Bay
1659120000Alitak Bay-Cape Alitak to Moser Bay
1659280728Kodiak Island Gull Point to Kaguyak Bay;Sitkalidak Passage
1659380000Chiniak Bay to Dangerous Cape
1659478900Marmot Bay and Kupreanof Strait;Whale Passage;Ouzinkie Harbor
1659520000Kodiak and St. Paul harbors;Kodiak Harbor
1659610000Womens Bay
1659780000Uganik and Uyak Bays
1659880000Cape Ikolik to Cape Kuliuk
1659920000Bays and Anchorages, Kodiak Island Karluk Anchorage;Larsen Bay;Uyak Anchorage
1660180905Cape Alitak to Cape lkolik
1660330000Kukak Bay, Alaska Peninsula
1660478000Shuyak and Afagnak Islands and adjacent waters
1660520000Shuyak Strait and Bluefox Bay
1660677062Barren Islands
1660880000Shelikof Strait-Cape Douglas to Cape Nukshak
16640200000Cook Inlet-southern part
1664582662Gore Point to Anchor Point
1664630000Ports of Southeastern Cook Inlet Port Chatham;Port Graham;Seldovia Bay;Seldovia Harbor;Approaches to Homer Hbr;Homer Harbor
16647100000Cook Inlet-Cape Elizabeth to Anchor Point
16648100000Kamishak Bay;lliamna Bay
16660194154Cook Inlet-northern part
16661100000Cook Inlet-Anchor Point to Kalgin Island;Ninilchik Harbor
16662100000Cook Inlet-Kalgin Island to North Foreland
16663100000Cook Inlet-East Foreland to Anchorage;North Foreland
1666550000Cook Inlet-Approaches to Anchorage;Anchorage
16680200000Point Elrington to East Chugach Island
1668183074Seal Rocks to Gore Point
1668281847Cape Resurrection to Two Arm Bay;Seward
1668381436Point Elrington to Cape Resurrection
16700200000Prince William Sound
1670181436Prince William Sound-western entrance
1670240000Latouche Passage to Whale Bay
1670420000Drier Bay, Prince William Sound
1670580000Prince William Sound-western part
1670620000Passage Canal incl. Port of Whittier;Port of Whittier
1670740000Prince William Sound-Valdez Arm and Port Valdez;Valdez Narrows;Valdez and Valdez Marine Terminal
1670879291Prince William Sound-Port Fidalgo and Valdez Arm;Tatitlek Narrows
1670980000Prince William Sound-eastern entrance
1671030000Orca B. and ln.-Channel ls. to Cordova
1671150000Port Wells, including College Fiord and Harriman Fiord
1671250000Unakwik Inlet to Esther Passage and College Fiord
1671350000Naked Island to Columbia Bay
16723100000Controller Bay
1674140000Icy Bay
16760300000Cross Sound to Yakutat Bay
1676180000Yakutat Bay;Yakutat Harbor
1676220000Lituya Bay;Lituya Bay Entrance
17300209978Stephens Passage to Cross Sound, including Lynn Canal
1730140000Cape Spencer to Icy Point
1730280000Icy Strait and Cross Sound;Inian Cove;Elfin Cove
1730340000Yakobi Island and Lisianski Inlet;Pelican Harbor
1731140000Holkham Bay And Tracy Arm - Stephens Passage
1731210000Hawk Inlet, Chatham Strait
1731340000Port Snettisham
1731420000Slocum and Limestone Inlets and Taku Harbor
1731540000Gastineau Channel and Taku Inlet;Juneau Harbor
1731680000Lynn Canal-Icy Str. to Point Sherman;Funter Bay;Chatham Strait
1731777812Lynn Canal-Point Sherman to Skagway;Lutak Inlet;Skagway and Nahku Bay;Portage Cove, Chilkoot Inlet
1731880000Glacier Bay;Bartlett Cove
17320217828Coronation Island to Lisianski Strait
1732140000Cape Edward to Lisianski Strait, Chichagof Island
1732240000Khaz Bay, Chichagof Island Elbow Passage
1732340000Salisbury Sound, Peril Strait and Hoonah Sound
1732440000Sitka Sound to Salisbury Sound, Inside Passage;Neva Str.-Neva Pt. to Zeal Pt.
1732540000South and West Coasts of Kruzof Island
1732640000Crawfish Inlet to Sitka, Baranof I.;Sawmill Cove
1732710000Sitka Harbor and approaches;Sitka Harbor
1732840000Snipe Bay to Crawfish Inlet,Baranof l.
1733020000West Coast of Baranof Island Cape Ommaney to Byron Bay
1733110000Chatham Strait Ports Alexander, Conclusion, and Armstrong
1733320000Ports Herbert, Walter, Lucy and Armstrong
1733520000Patterson Bay and Deep Cove
17336VARIOUSHarbors in Chatham Strait and vicinity Gut Bay, Chatham Strait;Hoggatt Bay, Chatham Strait;Red Bluff Bay, Chatham Strait;Herring Bay and hapin Bay, Frederick Sound;Surprise Hbr, and Murder Cove, Frederick Sound
17337VARIOUSHarbors in Chatham Strait Kelp Bay;Warm Spring Bay;Takatz and Kasnyku Bays
1733840000Peril Str.-Hoonah Snd. to Chatham Str.
1733930000Hood Bay and Kootznahoo Inlet
1734120000Whitewater Bay and Chaik Bay, Chatham Strait
17360217828Etolin Island to Midway Islands, including Sumner Strait;Holkham Bay;Big Castle Island
1736240000Gambier Bay, Stephens Passage
1736340000Pybus Bay, Frederick Sound;Hobart and Windham Bays, Stephens P.
1736520000Woewodski and Eliza Hbrs.;Fanshaw Bay and Cleveland Passage
1736740000Thomas, Farragut, and Portage Bays, Frederick Sound
1736840000Keku Strait-northern part, including Saginaw and Security Bays and Port Camden;Kake Inset
1737020000Bay of Pillars and Rowan Bay, Chatham Strait;Washington Bay, Chatham Strait
1737220000Keku Strait-Monte Carlo Island to Entrance Island;The Summit;Devils Elbow
1737520000Wrangell Narrows;Petersburg Harbor
1737640000Tebenkof Bay and Port Malmesbury
1737725000Le Conte Bay
1737820000Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island
1737910000Shakan Bay And Strait, Alaska
1738120000Red Bay, Prince of Wales Island
1738280000Zarembo Island and approaches;Burnett Inlet, Etolin Island;Steamer Bay
1738330000Snow Passage, Alaska
1738420000Wrangell Harbor and approaches;Wrangell Harbor
1738580000Ernest Sound-Eastern Passage and Zimovia Strait;Zimovia Strait
1738640000Sumner Strait-Southern part
1738740000Shakan and Shipley Bays and Part of El Capitan Passage;El Capitan Pasage, Dry Pass to Shakan Strait
17400229376Dixon Entrance to Chatham Strait
1740110000Lake Bay and approaches, Clarence Str.
1740240000Southern Entrances to Sumner Strait
1740340000Davidson Inlet and Sea Otter Sound;Edna Bay
1740440000San Christoval Channel to Cape Lynch
1740540000Ulloa Channel to San Christoval Channel;North Entrance, Big Salt Lake;Shelter Cove, Craig
1740640000Baker, Noyes, and LuluIslands and adjacent waters
1740740000Northern part of Tlevak Strait and Uloa Channel
1740840000Central Dall Island and vicinity
1740940000Southern Dall Island and vicinity
17420229376Hecate Strait to Etolin Island, including Behm and Portland Canals
1742279334Behm Canal-western part;Yes Bay
1742320000Harbor Charts-Clarence Strait and Behm Canal Dewey Anchorage, Etolin Island;Ratz Harbor, Prince of Wales Island;Naha Bay, Revillagigedo Island;Tolstoi and Thorne Bays, Prince of Wales ls.;Union Bay, Cleveland Peninsula
1742480000Behm Canal-eastern part
1742580000Portland Canal-North of Hattie Island
1742640000Kasaan Bay, Clarence Strait;Hollis Anchorage, eastern part;Lyman Anchorage
1742780000Portland Canal - Dixon Entrance to Hattie I.
1742840000Revillagigedo Channel, Nichols Passage, and Tongass Narrows;Seal Cove;Ward Cove
1743010000Tongass Narrows
1743140000N. end of Cordova Bay and Hetta Inlet
1743240000Clarence Strait and Moira Sound
1743340000Kendrick Bay to SHipwreck Point, Prince of Wales Island
1743480000Revillagigedo Channel;Ryus Bay;Foggy Bay
17435VARIOUSHarbors in Clarence Strait Port Chester, Annette Island;Tamgas Harbor, Annette Island;Metlakatla Harbor
1743640000Clarence Strait, Cholmondeley Sound and Skowl Arm
1743740000Portland Inlet to Nakat Bay
18003736560Cape Blanco to Cape Flattery
180071200000San Francisco to Cape Flattery
18010811980Monterey Bay to Coos Bay
180201444000San Diego to Cape Mendocino
18022868003San Diego to San Francisco Bay
18400200000Strait of Georgia and Strait of Juan de Fuca
1842180000Strait of Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia;Drayton Harbor
1842440000Bellingham Bay;Bellingham Harbor
1842725000Anacortes to Skagit Bay
1842810000Oak and Crescent Harbors
1842925000Rosario Strait-southern part
1843025000Rosario Strait-northern part
1843125000Rosario Stait to Cherry Point
1843225000Boundary Pass
1843325000Haro-Strait-Middle Bank to Stuart Island
1843425000San Juan Channel
18440150000Puget Sound
1844180000Puget Sound-northern part
1844340000Approaches to Everett
1844410000Everett Harbor
1844625000Puget Sound-Apple Cove Point to Keyport;Agate Passage
1844710000Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Washington
1844880000Puget Sound-southern part
1844925000Puget Sound-Seattle to Bremerton
1845010000Seattle Harbor, Elliott Bay and Duwamish Waterway
1845210000Sinclair Inlet
1845315000Tacoma Harbor
1845620000Olympia Harbor and Budd Inlet
1845710000Puget Sound-Hammersley Inlet to Shelton
1845825000Hood Canal-South Point to Quatsap Point including Dabob Bay
18460100000Stait of Juan de Fuca Entrance
1846420000Port Townsend
1846580000Strait of Juan de Fuca-eastern part
1846810000Port Angeles
1847140000Approaches to Admiralty Inlet Dungeness to Oak Bay
1847340000Puget Sound-Oak Bay to Shilshole Bay
1847440000Puget Sound-Shilshole Bay to Commencement Bay
1847640000Puget Sound-Hood Canal and Dabob Bay
1847725000Puget Sound-Entrance to Hood Canal
18480176253Approaches to Strait of Juan de Fuca Destruction lsland to Amphitrite Point
1848410000Neah Bay
1848540000Cape Flattery
18500180789Columbia River to Destruction Island
1850240000Grays Harbor;Westhaven Cove
1850440000Willapa Bay;Toke Pt.
18520185238Yaquina Head to Columbia River;Netarts Bay
1852140000Columbia River Pacific Ocean to Harrington Point;Ilwaco Harbor
1852340000Columbia River Harrington Point to Crims Island
1852440000Columbia River Crims Island to Saint Helens
1852540000Columbia River Saint Helens to Vancouver
1852620000Port of Portland, Including Vancouver;Multnomah Channel-southern part
185275000Willamette River-Swan Island Basin
1852815000Willamette River Portland to Walnut Eddy
1852915000Willamette River Walnut Eddy To Newburg
1853140000Columbia River Vancouver to Bonneville; Bonneville Dam
1853240000Columbia River Bonneville To The Dalles; The Dalles; Hood River
1853320000Columbia River Lake Celilo
1853520000Columbia River John Day Dam to Blalock
1853620000Columbia River Sundale to Heppner Junction
1853720000Columbia River Alderdale to Blalock Islands
1853920000Columbia River Blalock Islands to McNary Dam
1854120000Columbia River-McNary Dam to Juniper
1854220000Columbia River Juniper to Pasco
1854320000Columbia River Pasco to Richland
1854520000Lake Sacajawea
1854620000Snake River-Lake Herbert G. West
1854720000Snake River-Lake Bryon
1854820000Snake River-Lower Granite Lake FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LAKE
1855150000FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LAKE Southern part
1855350000FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LAKE Northern part
1855450000Lake Pend Oreille
1855620000Nehalem River
1855820000Tillamook Bay
1856150000Approaches to Yaquina Bay;Depoe Bay
18580191730Cape Blanco to Yaquina Head
1858110000Yaquina Bay and River;Continuation of Yaquina River
1858320000Siuslaw River
1858420000Umpqua River Pacific Ocean to Reedsport
1858720000Coos Bay
1858820000Coquille River Entrance
1858940000Port Orford to Cape Blanco;Port Orford
18600196948Trinidad Head to Cape Blanco
1860140000Cape Sebastian to Humbug Mountain
1860240000Pyramid Point to Cape Sebastian;Chetco Cove;Hunters Cove
1860340000St. George Reef and Crescent City Harbor;Crescent City Harbor
1860515000Trinidad Harbor
18620200000Point Arena to Trinidad Head;Rockport Landing;Shelter Cove
1862225000Humboldt Bay
1862340000Cape Mendocino and vicinity
1862640000Elk to Fort Bragg;Fort Bragg and Noyo Anchorage;Elk
1862810000Albion to Caspar
18640207840San Francisco to Point Arena
1864330000Bodega and Tomales Bays;Bodega Harbor
18645100000Gulf of the Farallones;Southeast Farallon
1864740000Drakes Bay
1864940000Entrance to San Francisco Bay
1865020000San Francisco Bay Candlestick Point to Angel Island
1865140000San Francisco Bay-southern part;Redwood Creek.;Oyster Point
1865320000San Francisco Bay-Angel Island to Point San Pedro
1865440000San Pablo Bay
1865510000Mare Island Strait
1865640000Suisun Bay
1865710000Carquinez Strait
1865810000SUISUN BAY-Roe Island and vicinity
1865910000SUISUN BAY-Mallard Island to Antioch
1866020000San Joaquin River Stockton Deep Water Channel Antioch to Medford Island
1866140000Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers Old River, Middle River and San Joaquin River extension;Sherman Island
1866240000Sacramento River Andrus Island to Sacramento
1866320000San Joaquin River Stockton Deep Water Channel Medford Island to Stockton
1866420000Sacramento River Sacramento to Fourmile Bend
1866540000Lake Tahoe
1866610000Suisun Bay Middle Ground to New York Slough
1866720000Sacramento River Fourmile Bend To Colusa
18680210668Point Sur to San Francisco
1868220000Half Moon Bay
1868550000Monterey Bay;Monterey Harbor;Moss Landing Harbor;Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor
1868640000Pfeiffer Point to Cypress Point
1868748000Lake Mead
18700216116Point Conception to Point Sur
1870340000Estero Bay;Morro Bay
1870420000San Luis Obispo Bay, Port San Luis
18720232188Point Dume to Purisma Point
18721100000Santa Cruz Island to Purisima Point
1872420000Port Hueneme And Approaches;Port Hueneme
1872550000Port Hueneme to Santa Barbara;Santa Barbara;Channel Islands Harbor and Port Hueneme;Ventura
1872740000San Miguel Passage;Cuyler Harbor
1872840000Santa Cruz Channel
1872940000Anacapa Passage;Prisoners Harbor
18740234270San Diego to Santa Rosa Island
1874440000Santa Monica Bay;King Harbor
1874680000San Pedro Channel;Dana Point Harbor
1874815000El Segundo and Approaches
1874920000San Pedro Bay;Anaheim Bay Huntington Harbor
1875112000Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors
1875410000Newport Bay
1875540000San Nicolas Island
1875620000Santa Barbara Island
1875740000Santa Catalina Island;Avalon Bay;Catalina Harbor;Isthmus Cove
187585000Del Mar Boat Basin
1876240000San Clemente Island
1876320000San Clemente lsland northern part;Wison Cove
1876415000San Clemente Island Pyramid Cove and approaches
18765100000Approaches to San Diego Bay;Mission Bay
1877220000Approaches to San Diego Bay
1877312000San Diego Bay
18774100000Gulf of Santa Catalina;Delmar Boat Basin-Camp Pendleton
19004600000Hawai�ian Islands
190071650000Hawai�i to French Frigate Shoals
19010675000Hawai�ian Islands southern part
19013675000Hawai�ian Islands northern part
19016663392Ni�ihau to French Frigate Shoals;Necker Island;Nihoa
19019653219French Frigate Shoals to Laysan Island
19022642271Laysan Island to Kure Atoll
19320250000Island Of Hawai�i
193222500Harbors and Landings on the Northeast and Southeast Coasts of Hawai�i;Punalu�u Harbor;Honu�apo Bay;Honokaa Landing;Kukuihaele Landing
1932410000Island Of Hawai�i Hilo Bay
193265000Pa�auhau Landing Island Of Hawai�i
1932780000West Coast of Hawai�i Cook Point to Upolu Point;Keauhou Bay;Honokohau Harbor
193295000M�hukona Harbor and approaches Island Of Hawai�i
1933010000Kawaihae Bay-Island of Hawaii
193315000Kailua Bay Island Of Hawai�i
1933210000Kealakekua Bay to H�naunau Bay
19340250000Hawai�i to O�ahu
193415000H�na Bay Island of Maui
1934230000Kahului Harbor and approaches;Kahului Harbor
1934780000Channels between Molokai, Maui, L�na�i and Kaho�olawe;Manele Bay
1934815000Approaches to Lahaina, Island of Maui
1935010000Island of Maui Ma�alaea Bay
1935180000Channels between O�ahu, Moloka�i and L�na�i;Kaumalapa�u Harbor
193535000Harbors of Moloka�i Kaunakakai Harbor;P�koo Harbor;Kamal� Harbor;Kolo Harbor;Lono Harbor
1935780000Island of O�ahu;Barbers Point Harbor
1935820000Southeast Coast of O�ahu Waim�nalo Bay to Diamond Head
1935915000O�ahu East Coast K�ne�ohe Bay
1936110000Port Wa�ianae Island of O�ahu
1936220000South Coast of O�ahu Kalaeloa
1936615000Pearl Harbor O�ahu South Coast
193675000Island of O�ahu Honolulu Harbor
1936920000O�ahu South Coast Approaches to Pearl Harbor
19380247482O�ahu to Ni�ihau
1938180000Island of Kaua�i
193825000Port Allen Island of Kaua�i
193835000Kaua�i Nawiliwili Bay
193842000Hanamaulu Bay Island of Kaua�i
1938520000North Coast of Kaua�i H��ena Point to Kepuhi Point
1938610000Kaua�i Approaches to Waimea Bay
1940180000French Frigate Shoals
1940225000French Frigate Shoals Anchorage
19421100000Gardner Pinnacles and approaches;Gardner Pinnacles
1944180000Maro Reef
1944240000Lisianski and Laysan Island;West Coast of Laysan Island
1946140000Pearl and Hermes Atoll
19480180000Gambia Shoal to Kure Atoll including approaches to the Midway Islands
1948132500Hawai�ian Islands Midway Islands
1948210000Hawai�ian Islands Midway Islands
1948320000Hawai�i Kure Atoll
25640326856Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
25641100000Virgin Islands-Virgin Gorda to St. Thomas and St. Croix;Krause Lagoon Channel
2564420000Frederiksted Road;Frederiksted Pier
2564510000Christiansted Harbor
2564715000Pillsbury Sound
2564910000Saint Thomas Harbor
25650100000Virgin Passage and Sonda de Vieques
2565320000Isla de Culebra and Approaches
256546500Ensenada Honda
2565510000Ensenada Honda to Canal de Luis Pena
2565920000Puerto Maunabo
2566110000Puerto Yabucoa
2566340000Pasaje de San Juan to Puerto de Humacao and Western Part of lsla de Vieques
2566425000Pasaje de Vieques and Radas Roosevelt
2566520000Punta Lima to Cayo Batata
2566610000Ensenada Honda
2566710000Bahia de Fajardo and Approaches
25668100000North Coast of Puerto Rico Punta Penon to Punta Vacia Talega;Puerto Arecibo;Puerto Palmas Altas
2566920000Approaches to San Juan Harbor
2567010000Bahia de San Juan
25671100000West Coast of Puerto Rico
2567315000Bahia de Mayaguez and approaches
2567510000Bahia de Boqueron
25677100000South Coast of Puerto Rico Guanica Light to Punta Tuna Light;Las Mareas
2567910000Bahia de Guanica
2568110000Bahia de Guayanilla and Bahia de Tallaboa
2568320000Bahia de Ponce and Approaches
2568520000Punta Petrona to lsla Caja de Muertos
2568720000Bahia de Jobos and Bahia de Rincon
2568920000Puerto Arroyo
2619415000Navassa Island
4112160000Gulf of Mexico
4148470940Havana to Tampa Bay
4149500000Straits of Florida - Eastern Part
5010000000North Pacific Ocean (eastern part) Bering Sea Continuation
5003500000West Coast Of North America Dixon Ent To Unimak Pass
5013500000North Pacific Ocean West Coast Of North America Mexican Border To Dixon Entrance
5133500000Bering Sea Southern Part
5143500000Bering Sea Northern Part
51611058400Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda (Plotting Sheet)
5304860700North America West Coast San Diego to Aleutian Islands and Hawai�ian Islands
5312100000Gulf of Alaska Strait of Juan de Fuca to Kodiak Island
5403121170Hawai�ian Islands
81004931650Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
81048100000Mariana Islands Island of Guam Territory of Guam;Cocos Lagoon
8105410000Mariana Islands Apra Harbor, Guam
8106325000Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Rota
8106775000Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Saipan and Tinian
8107120000Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Bahia Laolao, Saipan Island and Tinian Harbor, Tinian Island
8107612000Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Saipan Harbor
8108645000Plans in the Mariana Islands; Faraloon de Pajaros; Sarigan Island; Farallon de Medinilla; Ascuncion Island; Agrihan; Agrihan Anchorge; Alamagan Island; Guguan; Anatahan
8109225475Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
8166415000Wake Island;Wake Island Boat Basin
8311615000Islands in the Pacific Ocean-Jarvis, Bake and Howland Islands
8315325000United States Possesion Kingman Reef
8315710000Palmyra Atoll;Approaches to Palmyra Atoll
8348460000U.S. Possessions in Samoa Islands Manua Islands;Pago Pago Harbor;Tutuila Island;Rose Atoll;Swains Island
83633200000United States Possession Approaches to Johnston Atoll
83637VARIOUSJohnston Atoll;Johnston Island Harbor